Detailed Product Price


XL-eXPLODE currently comes in a single desktop version compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

  • Where you want the XL-eXPLODE app located
    • PUBLIC location like your Network, accessible by multiple employees (Server Version) OR
    • PRIVATE location on your Desktop, only available to ONE employee (Desktop Version)
  • If a Server, then number of Users who will Use this app –(User Pack)

So price is driven by both the above elements.


A Desktop license is intended for use on a dedicated PC or workstation. However, the license may be installed in a virtual Windows operating environment provided that the software is run fully within that virtual environment and is not "called" to process print output created on the Host PC nor is it accessed via a Remote Desktop Connection ('RDC') from the Host or any other PCs.

This version is limited to instalation on one User’s PC and restricted to that User. It can be used with MS Outlook as an installed email client. All processing dialogs are visible to the User. This version is the easiest to install and configure. You must possess one desktop license for each PC you decide to install it on. There is multi-quantity purchase pricing available, provided all units are purchased in one order.


Server licenses can be purchased for 1, 3, or 5 Users accessing the product simultaneously across any network or cloud based systems. Please email us for pricing of 10, 15 or 20 User packs. All Server Version download and purchase links are available on request.

System Requirements

Windows Operating System:
DESKTOP: Microsoft Win 7, 8, 10, 11
SERVERS: Win2008, 2012, 2016, 2019

Memory & Disk Space:
HARD DRIVE: Minimum 40MB of free disk space, plus additional space for XLS/XLSX exploded files created
RAM: At least 64MB of free RAM, more during PDF creation


[From 1 May 2022] Pricing in US$

Single-User License


Single-User License


Three-User License


Five-User License

[All prices are in US Dollars]

All prices include a full 12 months/1 Year of Priority Support in the price. You only pay for support, in the second year of usage, if you require it. Rates for support are very reasonable too. Click Here to view Annual Support pricing.

All product pricing shown above are one-time costs and the license is perpetual. It can be moved from PC to PC or Server to Server over its lifetime, on request to to 'release the license for use at a different location', and stating a reason. The license must first be uninstalled from its current location before a reactivation is possible.

Multiple copy purchase discounts will apply at the "checkout" on our e-commerce site when you purchase all the copies in the one order.

Desktop licensing is by machine can be installed on one PC or workstation. A Desktop license is not licensed for, and it is strictly prohibited to multiple User access across a network.

Server: A single or multiple User Server license is installed on one Server, but is licensed for simultaneous use by as many Users as inidicated by the license purchased. Each user will have their own configuration file and hence the Worksheet extracted can be emailed and customized with their own desired settings.


As this product is a new release, for months of June, July, August and September 2022 only, each purchase comes at a special price as shown in the table below - just use the code 'STARTER' to reduce your purchase price. Take benefit of this promotion to purchase multiple copies which come with a further 10% discount or more, for 3 or more copies purchased.

Effective Price Desktop Server 1-User Server 3-User Server 5-User
Current Pricing USD $395 USD $595 USD $795 USD $995
Promotional Price ** USD $95 USD $295 USD $495 USD $695


3000AD Systems is a firm believer in Equal Opportunity. It is therefore committed to providing a special discounted rate of 15% off the retail price, in addition to free annual support for all Religious, Charitable, Educational and Other Non-Profit organizations (classified in the United States as 501(c)(3)) on request. This request must be by email to and provide evidence that the organization carries the appropriate government exemption(s) of your country.

Please Note:

3000AD Systems makes no claim or representation about the suitability of XL-eXPLODE software to any Client's requirements nor do we claim that the software is bug-free within the Client's environment.

Each Client User is urged to take advantage of the 30 day evaluation and free support during that period, to ensure that the software meets their needs and requirements. To access the free 30-day trial click here

3000AD Systems do not provide any refunds of purchases for 'change of mind', 'mistaken purchase' or 'unsuitability' claims.